Fluency Friday was launched in 2015. This program allows all students to participate in additional math drills once a week. All students at CIE participate in this program.

As fluency goals are obtained students are awarded prizes on a quarterly basis by the PTA. The quarterly rewards throughout the year are based on ‘mastery’ of math facts. Also, all students at CIE receive a pencil for participating in Fluency Friday and will be rewarded for their efforts at the end of the year.

This program is in alignment with standards that must be ‘mastered’ by students and part of the continuous improvement efforts at CIE.

Fluency Focus
Fluency Focus
up to 20
First Grade
up to 100
Second Grade
2 and 3 digit
Third Grade
3 digit
Fourth Grade
3 and 4 digit
Fifth Grade
4 digit and higher

Download Fluency Friday Standards Here:

Download Math Superstar worksheets here:
(Math SuperStars was our previous math enrichment program)

Student worksheets are organized by planets in our solar system. Please click on the appropriate planet to download the worksheets.

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