Hello and Welcome to the greatest Art Appreciation program in Broward County!

We are the ONLY school to have a dedicated classroom for Meet the Masters and one that guarantees every child in every
grade receives an amazing hands-on visual and practical experience on the World’s greatest Art Masters…..but

It is a Fun and EASY program to teach and can be taught in teams or by an individual with Project helpers….
and our children deserve it!! It takes approximately 2.5 hours a month!

All materials / info are available to you below – so you will ALWAYS know more than the children!
Please email the contacts below if you or any family member would like to get involved.
It is a wonderful way to get involved, learn some art history and help our kids create beautiful masterpieces.

For additional information please contact:

Nicole Baker 908-251-1055 - peytonnicole@gmail.com

Meet the Masters Calendar

Featured Artist:

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Project Directions


If you would like to make a donation, here are some things we need:
Safety scissors
Wet wipes
Gift cards for Michaels, AC Moore, Amazon, Walmart, etc.
Large tee shirts, can be used (men's or unisex please)
Old butter tubs or other small food containers (4-6 inches)

At this time we don't need:
Watercolor paintbrushes
Egg crates