After school child care is provided on campus from 2 to 6 p.m.


Expectations and Conduct

  • Students in the Aftercare Program are expected to behave and dress in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct. Safe and appropriate behavior is expected on school property.
  • Student use of cell phones will not be allowed and must be off and out of sight.
  • Parking in the fire lane is prohibited: Broward Sheriff’s Department will ticket violators. Park in designated areas only.
  • Inappropriate or disrespectful behavior towards other parents or school staff. Zero tolerance!
  • No adults, other than ASC staff, shall assume the responsibility of reprimanding other children.
  • Questions concerning these issues will be addressed to the supervisor, Mr. Randy Rollins.
Authorities will be notified if
the supervisor believes there is unsafe behavior on school premises,
such as endangerment or driving under the influence.


  • Children are rewarded for proper behavior
  • Parent conferences may be requested
  • Referrals will be written when necessary
  • Suspension can occur following the fourth referral